Batteries, Starters, and Alternators

car-batteryXcellent Auto trained technicians will inspect and diagnose any faulty systems in your battery, starter or alternator.

If your vehicle is not starting it does not mean that the battery is the only cause. It may be related to your alternator or even faulty spark plugs.  We have a process to inspect and detect the source of the malfunction and will provide you with an estimate before we begin the work on your vehicle.


Signs you may have a dying or dead car battery:

  • You hear a clicking noise when you try to start up your vehicle
  • Your headlights appear dimmer then usual
  • Your are unable to start your vehicle after it has sat for several or hours or not at all
  • Your vehicles electrical accessories may be sluggish such as your window may roll up more slowly



Symptoms your starter is going out:

  • If your battery is charged and you hear a clicking noise this may indicate that your starter needs to be replaced
  • If your car starts and turns over intermittently it could be caused by a faulty starter



Symptoms your alternator is going out:

  • Signs that your alternator may need replaced
  • Dim dashboard lights
  • A clicking noise when you try to start your vehicle
  • You are unable to start your vehicle


Xcellent Auto will help you diagnose what needs to be fixed and provide you with an estimate of the proposed repairs. Our aim to have your vehicle up and running as fast as possible saving you time and money.


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