Brakes & Repair

brakesXcellent Auto is committed to the safety of our customers and we know that having your brakes inspected can keep you from having any serious issues with them down the road. We have developed an inspection process that enables us to detect any faulty areas in your brake system. We will discuss with you what areas need our immediate attention and what areas may be able to be put off for repair in the future. We will then discuss ways to budget the repairs needed.

There are several brake warning signs to be looking out for:

  • You hear grinding or squeaking when breaking
  • Your ABS light is glowing amber
  • Your dashboard light is red indication a possible system imbalance
  • You find that your brake pedal is to slow to respond or feels squishy
  • Any if these may be a good indication that you are in need of a brake inspection. We always provide you with an estimate before we begin any repairs on your vehicle.


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